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Apr 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
target list after the vote on obama care. stupak quit. we were saying we're going to take back america in november of 2010 and i think we may take back america before at the rate we are going. [applause] so that brings us here. we have to expand our target list. we have to get a few more on the list. as amy pointed out, it is a combination of worrying our friends and punishing our enemies. one thing that is so important to do, as someone who got their political career started and working for an old actor in california back in 1966 when he eventually became president in 1980 it wasn't just republicans that allowed us to get the tax cuts in and our success. their district or states are clearly conservative on the economic issues we have on the bus yet they can continue to defy the wishes of the voters. we have expanded our target lists from three to eight. we have added blanch lincoln in arkansas. barbara boxer is next on the list. the state assembly in california -- this is going to be a consistent leader on the fiscal issues, but he has been at a rally that we have ever had. he is supp
Apr 3, 2010 11:00am EDT
and that -- america and the courts, the case on whether non-u.s. citizens can be denied a vaccine. today, 7:00 p.m. on c-span. >> flexible policies actually make employees more productive. instead of spending time worrying about what is happening at home, your employees have the support and the peace of mind that they desperately need to concentrate on their work. >> watch something on c-span that you'd like to share with friends? at a news c-span video library, you can search it, watch it, and share its. over one added 60,000 hours of video from yesterday or last year. -- 160,000 hours of video from yesterday or last year. >> up next, a former united nations ambassador john bolton on american sovereignty and the u.s. russia nuclear arms control agreement. this is just over an hour. >> we welcome those who are joining us on the web site and to ask that everybody in house check that cell phones have been turned off as a courtesy to our presenter. we will oppose the program within 24 hours on the heritage website for everyone's future reference and our internet viewers are always welcome to e- mai
Apr 19, 2010 11:00am EDT
. more on how the ash cloud is actually headed to north america in a minute. first some flights could actually be taking off in europe airspace. most of northern europe remains closed. some airlines plan to fly between 8,000 and 9,000 of the 2,000 scheduled flights today. restrictions over scottish airspace will be lifted tuesday and germany's aviation authority has given lufthansa the okay to fly 50 planes back to germany with about 15,000 passengers on board. meanwhile britain sent in the royal navy to bring stranded people back home. 150,000 brits stranded worldwide. that ash cloud continues to move its way westward, as i mentioned. will it be reaching the shores of north america any time soon? joining us from d.c., geologists with the u.s. geological survey. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> a lot of people woke up and saw headlines that this ash cloud would be headed toward north america. explain what's happening here. >> well, there is a high pressure system north of greenland sending a small ton of ash over towards the area between greenland and north america. the mode
FOX News
Apr 15, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. a sake -- sacred red cow is led to slaughter. roll up your sleeves, here we go. hello, america. this week has been a primer to get your brain to think in a different mode. i liken it to america has cancer. now, is it stage one, stage networks stage four cancer? i think we're headed toward stage four cancer. how much to we have to cut? what do we have to do? thinking out of the box. we're not cutting spending, we're -- i mean it's insane what's going on. people at the coto institute have been putting budget proposal together and they're not making friends because people don't want their slice of the pie taken away. we're all going to lose a slice of pie. our relationship may be on the rocks after tonight. i'll send you candy or flowers because we zero in on even my own sacred cow tonight, national security and defense. according to the economist, america's overwhelmingly feel of cutting spending is the best way to reduce the deficit. cut spending, 5% they raised taxes. this is the one the political elite wants to do because this one is hard. as soon as you get the scalp out they run for th
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Apr 27, 2010 5:00pm EDT
happen, could it? ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. by the way, washington, we're on to you and we're keeping an eye on what you're doing on thursday. i wouldn't miss tomorrow's episode. the hate is flowing in america. especially in arizona. oh, it's like do you remember from "ghost busters" i think it was "ghostbuster ii." there it is. the river of slime oozing underneath the surface infecting everything. hate boiling up. well, here is how representative jared pollis described the mood in arizona. arizona law is like nazi germany. it's absolutely reminiscent of second class status of jews in germany. prior to world wire ii when they had -- world war ii when they had to show their papers and had them with them all the time and suspect to routine inspections at the suspicious of being jewish. i fear arizona is headed for a police state. boy, i'm glad somebody said it! arizona sure is putting the a-z in "nazi" aren't they? i hate to rain on the hate parade, but can we slow down just a second here? and ask you're out of your mind. am i alone in that? you are out of your mind! are you comparing t
Apr 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
be said of fellow component bank of america. this has been marching right towards $20 where it hasn't been also since november 2008. both these companies were filled by the same sort, of that financial crisis. bank of america said to report before the bell, as well. we're looking for around 7:00 this morning for those numbers to come out. revenues of nearly $28 billion. and the shares, as we mentioned, they've been on a run, really pushing higher, up about 5% this week alone. coming up at 7:15 eastern time, we've got bank of america ceo brian noin na hamoynihan. because bank of america is the nation's largest bank, it tas talk to one of every two consumers. >> you're not doing business with bank of america? >> they bought my mortgage. >> but you don't -- that's not your bank? >> it's not where i have my deposits, but they own my mortgage, so i am doing business with them. >> well, then it's two out of two. >> but there's two other people at the table. maybe they have it. >> do you have bank of america? >> i think it's not bank of america. still, i have no deposits there and i don't know if
FOX News
Apr 16, 2010 5:00pm EDT
said they wouldn't fly coach. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to friday. we're wrapping up our week of trying to develop some plan. i'm working on different ideas. we have to fundamentally change. the first thing we have to do is fundamentally change our thinking. faith, hope and charity. we need to be those things to be able to survive. then we need to think out of the box. the old ways aren't going to work anymore. do you remember this pledge from barack obama? >> absolutely we need earmark reform. when i'm president i'll go line-by-line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely. >> glenn: see that's what people, when they voted for change this is what they were looking for. they were looking for common sense. we haven't gone line-by-line. we had ear marks and they're doing nothing but adding to the budget. there is no subtracting what so ever. we added $1 trillion in healthcare, nearly $1 trillion in stimulus and he's now adding in massive tax increases. there is talking about there is no way to do this without the tax increases. yes, there is. if he won't go through th
Apr 4, 2010 8:30pm EDT
] is this the end of race of america? we know it is not at the turn of the 21st century it was starting to look that way back in 2000. remember that? in 1997 the american association of physical anthropologist urge the american government to phase out the use of waste in the data category and the substitute ethnic categories instead. geneticist studying dna the material of genes that issues instructions to our bodies were also concluding that race as a biological category made no sense. the habit of three leading human heredity to the environment may be traced back but early 19th century racial thinkers turn it around deeming it a permanent marker four and eight superiority not until the 1850's on the environment care rescued with charles darwin changes species they describe a world much longer reaping that heredity was not fixed and generation after generation things change interest bonds to their surroundings. arguments over race in the human genome decided leaving us with some intriguing data about personal appearance. prevailing racial schemes now rest once again on concept of skin color. b
Apr 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
. >> another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >> it is 6:00 then on this tuesday morning. welcome back. i'm adam caskey outside the virginia square metro station. it's not a bad day in the beltway. we have some cooler outlying areas. it's 51 degrees right here. in stafford it's in the upper 30's. this is a popular family, looking east from chesapeake beach over the chesapeake bay, a few clouds in the sky. clouds will increase throughout the midday and afternoon. 49 in chesapeake beach. today will be seasonable with highs in the upper 60's. morning sunshine gives way to midday clouds. gentle rain showers tomorrow. scattered, light rain. the weekend looks unse
Apr 18, 2010 1:00pm EDT
have voiced in some variation over the last few weeks. it appears to be a shift in america's view of the israeli/palestinian conflict, casting it as a national security issue directly for the united states. and the new approach comes amid talk of a new obama peace plan for the middle east. joining me to talk about all of this are rashid khalidi, professor of arab studies at columbia university, and bret stephens, foreign affairs columnist for the "wall street journal" and a frequent guest here. so what petraeus seems to be saying, i'm out there talking to these arab leaders, it hurts our relationship with them and makes it more difficult for them to ally with us, they all complain about this. so he's sort of reflecting that ground reality, no? >> i think there's some element of truth to that and it's certainly convenient for our political leaders to make the case that discontent in their country has to do with what settlements israel might be building in parts of jerusalem as opposed to saying their own policies, the oppression of the egyptians, of course they're going to blame is
FOX News
Apr 1, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> bill: and dennis miller on the rise of the nanny state in america. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. senator mccain changes his mind about the mexican border. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in may 2001, we went to phoenix, arizona, to report on the porous southern border, i interviewed senator john mccain and told him the only way the border could be secured was to use u.s. troops. the senator disagreed. >> i do not favor using troops because they are not trained for it. they don't have the kind of qualifications necessary. i have strongly favor us using all the equipment our military has including satellites, including aircraft and other technical means. >> bill: well, now, the senator has changed his mind finally. but it took a terrible tragedy. arizona rancher robert cents 58 found shot to death on his own property. he leaves behind a wife, two kids, grandchildren and family have been ranching in since 1907. they suspect illegal alien. they
Apr 11, 2010 2:00pm EDT
to change anything on the ground. why for example, france or the united states of america are dealing with these petty monarch kiss and dealing with governments implementing them. my position is quite clear.i'm against implementing them and what i'm asking the scholars, thee things what do the texts say what are the conditions and in which context? in the same name of islam, we have to stop and to come to a moratorium on this and to have a discussion exactly like amnesty international when it comes to death penalty it is saying let us first go for a moratorium to stop it right now and then to have a discussion. >> coming up, we will have more of that interview with tarik ramadan, as well as with james zogby who is the president of the arab-american institute on the differences between islam in america and in europe. that's next. thanks for coming. it was really nice to meet you, a.j. yeah, you too. a.j.? (alarm blasting) (screaming) (phone rings) hello? this is bill with broadview security. is everything okay? no. there's this guy - he just smashed in my door. i'm sending help right n
Apr 9, 2010 2:00am EDT
the overwhelming importance of black race in america. i am familiar with a truly gigantic literature that explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of race. it's imperative and a statutory biological definitions of white race, we may notoriously vague. believing that what is not black. the disc thickness does not indicate lack of interest. quite to the contrary for another, past historical literature, much less known today explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of white races. they may seem not to be given a book on americans in antiquity, a pure fun before europeans discovered the western hemisphere and thousands of years he for the invention of the constant of race. they given the prevalence of the notion that racist permanent, many believe it possible to trace something recognizable as the white race, back more than 2000 years. in addition, not few westerners have racialized antiquity making ancient history into white race history and classics into a living whitefield, complete with pictures of blonde ancient greeks. transfo
FOX News
Apr 15, 2010 1:00pm EDT
right now with "america live". megyn: thanks, guys. shocking revelations about the queen of daytime television. the woman who penned a biography about oprah says that woman and her supporters don't want you to read it. she will join us live. plus the final stop on the tea party express. tax day in the nation's capitol serving as super bowl sunday for some citizens against big government. we're live in washington. and ron paul, a darling of that tea party movement but a stunning new poll shows he may be a whole lot more popular than you think. he is our guest today. it all starts now on "america live". megyn: first up, president obama is about to face the music at kennedy space center. the president is expected to touch down in florida about 30 minutes from right now. set to announce a $6 billion increase in nasa's budget over the next five years. that is money the white house says will bring thousands of new jobs to florida's so-called space coast and expand the range of space destinations so what is the problem? his plan also essentially eliminates manned space travel among other t
Apr 19, 2010 7:00am EDT
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this monday, april 19th. and this morning -- global standstill. millions stranded by the ash cloud blanketing the skies. as britain sends naval warships. >>> and war of words. the israel prime minister says if they nation doesn't stop the nuclear program, israel will. >>> fight for premium. stop the an american student convicted of murder overseas says there's no proof she was even at the scene of the crime. will her appeal be heard? >>> and we want to tell you why you may have to ban beer in your future super bowl party. the new 3-d tv sets come with a warning. if you drink, don't watch. >>> well, a merry monday to everyone. i hope everyone's had a terrific weekend but not those trying to catch a flight somewhere. >>> i felt lucky getting out of washington just in time. european ministers are meeting today to discuss when and how they'll reopen airspace over europe. more than 20 countries are affected, and the volcano is still affective. right now, it's s
Apr 26, 2010 5:00pm EDT
to washington, march 2 washington and sign up for the army, navy, marines. america is not free. guest: i think you raise an important point about the e- verify program. arizona it is one of the few states require a individuals to participate in this. we are opposing this kind of program to push it nationally. in the end, there are a lot of programs out there that are conditioning robust worksite and foresman, which amnesty. what we are saying is, this is the wrong approach. to some extent, they are taking me the obama administration is painting themselves into a dangerous corner by saying we are going to take the interest of illegal aliens at a hard- working families who need enforcement. if they were serious about a pathway to citizenship, they would be talking about a far more comparable to a set of measures. they would be talking about curtailing future migration of extended family relatives. meaningful reforms that have been recommended by every commission in the last 30 years to start burning some credibility into the system. instead, because of the legislation they are talking about at t
Apr 19, 2010 6:00pm EDT
little faith that it can solve america's problems. >>> coming up to nigh, protestors can guns at a rally in virginia. >> there are more amazing stories of survival after a deadly earthquake in china. >> a crash killed two local teenagers. we'll find out how it might have been prevented. >> and d.c.'s most famous family-owned restaurant could be on the verge of making a major change. >> temperatures this week, we'll be hanging out in the 60s. not bad. i'll tell you about a little bit of rain coming our way for next week. >>> bruce allen talking redskins draft strategy. denny hamlin likes to race on monday. plus, who's going to start in goal for the capitals tonight? we're going to have a presure from montreal coming up when somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand
Apr 14, 2010 2:00am EDT
imposition of sanctions depends not only on the united states but also on china, and let america. -- and latin america. they are able to give results. ut middle east and what can happen over there if the nuclear program is implemented. and a nuclear conflict arises. well, that would be a gigantic catastrophe. we all can't imagine what could happen in the middle east if just one terrorist act happens there or nuclear arms is used. middle east is called middle east because it is so small it is enough for bombings to happen in one place, for it to start spreading all over the world. and that would trigger a humanitarian catastrophe and exodus of people from different countries. and the most bad thing is it will trigger the nuclear arms race. many colleagues from iran will -- arabic world that if iran gets nuclear arms, they will have no scrupeles without having it as well. and this will enlarge the nuclear club and then no summit will help if all of those countries have nuclear arms. that will open a new page in the history of humankind, which will be very sad. and i hope we will be
Apr 19, 2010 11:00am EDT
minutes. he tells us what's headed for north america. my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> remember the first home grown terror attack on united states soil. the dallas morning news summed up the oklahoma city bombing in one word. there it is. terror. the daily oklahoman called it the morning of terror. more than two weeks later, the search ends. 164 bodies found. the death toll, 168. a day of mourning followed amid the rubble. timothy mcveigh was put to death for the crimes six years later. today, family members of those killed and survivors have gathered at a memorial where the alfred p. murrah federal building once stood. the impact of the deadly building still reverberates with those who lived through it. here are the thoughts and memories from a survivor. >>> there was a day care center in the building. that day care center would have been devastated. [ crying ] >> when i see the pictures of me in the hospital in the bed, i see a little boy covered in blood. it's unbelievable. i'm chris wynn. i'm 20 years old and i'm a sop
FOX News
Apr 1, 2010 8:00pm EDT
wright. >> god damn america. >> there is criticism. we'll take a look at it. >> whacky vad ventures of a ronald mc. >> bill: should ronald mcdonald be fired? that's what health activists want. the culture warriors are now involved. >> oh, that sure was a lot of fun. >> bill: caution. you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. protecting the schneider family. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in march of 2006. 20-year-old maureen lance corporal matthew schneider was killed in iraq. family was devastated. a week later matthew was buried that ceremony was interrupted by members of the westboro baptist church who traffic in expositions like this. >> search per phi. semper fag coming home in body bags. >> bill: these hateful fanatics believe that god is punishing america because the u.s.a. does not persecute gay people. led by a loon named fred phelps they interrupt funerals saying god killed their sons and daughters. it doesn't get more vile than that. matthew's father alb
FOX News
Apr 13, 2010 7:00pm EDT
of the fastest growing crimes in america. even if you think you're doing everything right, and hiding that social security number, you must still give it to your employer, your doctor, your accountant, insurance, school. the list goes on and on. and the identity thieves know who you must give it to. that's who they target. and that's why you need lifelock's new identity alert system... which goes beyond just new credit. it's like having a digital fingerprint. if a new application doesn't match you, we send an alert and help fix it for you. join lifelock and get alerts to important information, a one million dollar service guarantee... plus a team of identity theft protection specialists. this identity theft protection is only $9.95 per month... and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. today's enrollments also include... a free document shredder. call now and mention "today"... or visit ♪ just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with y
Apr 8, 2010 11:30pm EDT
accomplishment of his presidency thus far. >> rose: russia and america, and president obama from a historical perspective next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the coming. if you've had a coke in the last 20 years, ( screams ) you've had a hand in giving college scholarships... and support to thousands of our nation's... most promising students. ♪ ( coca-cola 5-note mnemonic ) captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: president obama and his russian counterpart president medvedev signed an arms reduction treaty in prague practicaling for nations to trim their stockpiles. about 30% less than currently allowed. this would bring the two countries arsenals to their lowest levels since the end of the cold war. the treaty still has to be ratified by lawmakers in both countries, though the two sides disagree over the future of u.s. missile defense plan, obama medvedev said the fact was a sign of improving relations. >> our relationship had started to drift making it difficult to cooperate on issues of common inter
FOX News
Apr 10, 2010 10:00am EDT
not be toxic for america. but would it actually be the toxin that shocks shoppers and our economy back underground? hi everybody, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears, let's get to it. we've got gary smith, tobin smith, part dorsey, eric bolling. and welcome to everybody. eric, a national sales tax and economy crusher? >> an economy crusher, welcome to bm campaign promise number 88, broken. no new taxes to anyone making under $250,000 bucks. here is a tax on everyone and everything. anything from a book, a $30 book now costs $36. a dinner out, an ipad, a $500 ipad, $600. even a car, ford fiesta almost $3,000 more. if you're a consumer, you're being taxed anyway and you're worried about health care and now this, everything you buy more tax, tax, tax, tax, enough, stop! >> that means shut go the wallets? >> well, you know, the vat tax is another tool. they can use it any way they want, temporarily, adjustable rate and the primary tax and we do away with income tax. the truth is people use it all over the world. europe and asia used the vat tax for decades and right now very few ot
Apr 27, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in america, also around the globe, with me, peter dobbie. coming up later for you -- smoke bombs and fistfights. ukrainian lawmakers come to blows over russia's black sea fleet. and forgotten in pakistan. a year after the fighting, we report from one of the biggest camps for the displaced. our news today dominated by three financial stories, all with potentially huge consequences. first the embattled investment bank goldman sachs repeatedly put its own interests ahead of the interests of its clients. that was the start of a stinging attack delivered by u.s. senators. they began grilling several of the bank's executives. goldman sachs is accused of profiting from the housing collapse. the bank denies the allegations. here is our north america editor. >> it is at the click of cameras, not of firing squad. this is the young trader at fabrice tourre, named in charges, accused of secretly -- encouraging others to invest. >> i denied the sec allegations and i will defend myself in court against this false claim. >> senators accused wall street of unbridled greed, contemptuously compari
Apr 27, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of bake love bakery we see across the region and you are hear to talk about united cakes of america book and it is just that. >> yes, thank you. united cake of america is my second book and i'm very excited about it. it officially releases in may, that's around the corner. my first book signing locally will be on may first. i'm psyched about it. i love cake. i love talking about cake and sharing recipes. >> and spreading the love. 50 states and puerto rico. >> and district of columbia of course. >> can't forget us, right. >> you have recipes that are based on each cake. >> yes. and they celebrate the folklore, the traditions in each state. sometimes agricultural things that come from each state. we have a sweet potato cake with pecans for louisiana and the king cake of course for louisiana but i like to throw in things that are coming from inside of me. >> what are we doing today? i feel bad. i feel like andrea roane should be doing this interview. she's from louisiana. >> i want to keep it simple for you. i know you want to get in the kitchen and understand more of it. i want you to use
FOX News
Apr 8, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, >> greta: hold your breath and listen to these ominous words from the head of the cbo. america's fiscal policy is unsustainable. we need to make fundamental changes. if we don't fix the problem we will not have financial stability or healthy economic growth. well, other than that, everything is great, right? joining us live liz clay men. if he -- if he were the only one ben bernanke, volcker both talking how grim and two do something soon. how bad is this?/óÑ >> it is extraordinarily bad. not under stating the situation. the amount of dealt, the amount of spending that is going on as it compares to what kind of income, refer knews that are coming into this country right now is so swamping. if you were to look at it as a little boat on a tough ocean, tsunami is a little dramatic that boat the income not big get pummeled by rogue waves and it is not sustainable that is true. the question becomes how do we we verse that? we are looking at deficits of one trillion a year depending on the year sometimes higher, slightly lower, 2014 looking to bottom out for the next decade. you have to cut
FOX News
Apr 15, 2010 3:00pm EDT
america achieve new heights of prosperity on earth while demonstrating the power of a free, open society, to harness the ingenuity of his people. i have been part of that generation so inspired by the space program. 1961 was the year of my birth, the year kennedy made his announcement. one of my earliest memories of sitting on my grandfather's shoulders, waving a flag at astronauts arrived in hawaii. for me the space program has always captured and essential part of what it means to be an american. reaching for new heights, stretching beyond what previously did not seem possible. so as president, i believe that space exploration is not a luxury, it's not an afterthought in america's quest for a brighter future, it's an essential part of that quest. so today i'd like to talk about the next chapter in the story. the challenges facing our space program are different. our imperative for this program are different than in decades past. we're no longer racing against an adversariy or compete to go achieve a singular goal like reaching the moon. what was once a global competition is long since
Apr 16, 2010 10:00am EDT
at the conference, america's great outdoors. immediately after that he's heading to a security meeting talking about afghanistan and iraq. >> reporter: very big meeting. afghanistan and pakistan as well. a lot of top players in the administration going to be here either by video conference or here personally. the secretary of state, general petraeus, richard holbrooke, the ambassador who handles issues surrounding afghanistan and pakistan. the president just told an australian interviewer giving an interview to the australian prod casting company, the nato allies blunting taliban building over the haass several years, this after the sending more troops. they are arriving in country. he made that announcement after a long and detailed review of the policy. remember the conversations in the situation room. the president saying we can't be there in perpetuity. although the deadline for the beginning of withdrawal of american forces from afghanistan, a lot believe that will be negligible at the beginning of that withdrawal stage. >> mike, thanks for the update from the white house. >>> want to continue
Apr 19, 2010 12:00pm EDT
have a precedence here with america's rev lush nar period. you can reach out at twitter and i look forward to hearing from you. >>> the organizers of that rally in virginia say they didn't intend it, but it falls on the 15st anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing. the bomber, an antigovernment activist, timothy mcveigh. >> we remember our friends and family in the oklahoma water resources board building. trudy, jean, robert -- >> the name of each of the 168 men, women and children murdered by mcveigh were honored at a ceremony. coming up laterer, i'll talk about this with janet napolitano. that's at 12:30 eastern time. >>> a connecticut liquor store owner turns the tables on a robber. >>> and amanda knox's parents' next move to free their daughter. their attorney discusses their appeal. just ahead. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car... and how much the people in your life
Apr 1, 2010 4:00am EDT
for the united states of america. >> smith: the louisiana purchase doubled the size of the united states. america might have been grateful. instead, the us refused to recognize haiti. >> it was "a bad example" for black slaves to rise against their white masters. so the united states back then slapped an embargo on haiti to bottle us up. and they did. and it remained for 60 years. >> smith: in the coming years, haiti would suffer diminishing wealth and political upheaval. its mistrust for america would grow. >> and then in 1915, the united states marines land in haiti... >> smith: over the next century, haiti would endure 20 years of us occupation, 30 of dictatorship under the duvaliers... >> i have been elected for president for life. >> smith: ...failed attempts at democracy, military coups, and in the '90s another intervention. >> the message of the united states to the haitian dictators is clear. leave now, or we will force you from power. ( cheers and applause ) >> smith: president clinton's occupation in 1994 deposed a military dictator and reinstated a popular president, jean-bertrand aris
Apr 17, 2010 8:00am EDT
headaches. >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> good morning, i'm ashleigh banfield. it is saturday, april 17th. >> and the big story continues to be the world versus the volcano. it's gotten from bad to worse overnight. this is exclusive new video in a chopper over iceland. scientists are saying the eruptions could get worse. and it is an economic and human disaster, really, on a global scale. reports from around the globe in just a moment. >>> but in that shocking case in philadelphia where school officials are accused of spying on students at home with school-issued laptops. now, we're learning what the teachers did with the pictures that were snapped unknowingly. those teens. one the teenagers, the angry students, is going to join us live. >> all of that coming up. >>> and now the gigantic cloud of volcanic ash that stretches as far south as italy, east into russia. aviation experts say as many as 6 million people could be affected worldwide. and it could cost the airlines $1 billion in the shutdown continues through tomorrow. and this morning, scientists in iceland are getting
Apr 12, 2010 7:00am EDT
ahead. caller: really sad day in america. the federal government is broke. most of the states in this nation are broke. - and for the federal government to continue using this as a vehicle to print dollars - to further extend the debt of this nation is a tragedy. this nation has turned into a debt free system with the common americans getting crewed more and more as days go by. thank you. host: south lion, michigan. iris? caller: hi. there. i feel the government keeps taking, taking, taking. spending, spending, spending. they have yearmarks and highway remaimed for political people. they borrow money when they charge you taxes on your salary. and maybe they could add another 50-60, $200 back from what they don't use. we're giving them in trust and they give us back - let them eat cake kind of stuff. obama could travel less and do a lot of his stuff by telephone and spend more time in the united states where he's elected to be president of the united states. work on maybe, half salary until he proves himself and that goes for every other president. they should stop depending
Apr 12, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. and one of them is i think there's a perception in the west and certainly in america that, you know, americans would be very surprised to find that iran has an extremely vibrant, diverse art community and one of the real strong sense of the exchange program has been around the arts and photography, et cetera. and it plays into something that another area, which is that religious exchanges are person-to-person contacting in those areas, and i know you have some experience writing about it and working in some of those areas. i wonder if you could speak to the religious aspect? and in particular you talk about civil society something as a broader issue. >> that's an interesting question, and, you know, again because iran is such a difficult country to understand, i mean, that's why it's so interesting, so dynamic, i think that americans tend to either view iran as a really religious traditional society, or as a secular one. and that somehow they don't understand that it's much more complicated than that. but i think, you know, as part of that it's -- years ago for example, even as rece
FOX News
Apr 26, 2010 6:00am EDT
is too big? isn't that the whole idea of america, like trying to grow your company to become as big as possible? i don't know, that struck me as very interesting that now we're going to have a whole new era of determining whether or not companies are too big? >> well -- >> so if the republicans can block the vote today, the republicans will have a better footeding going forward to get a bill more to their liking. coming up straight ahead -- that's very true, steve. coming up, the reverend al sharpton threatening to fight arizona's new immigration law with civil disobedience. the sheriff next, he has something to say about that. >> please, don't stop the music. pop star rhianna takes a big tumble. and it's all caught -- >> there she goes. >> why does she wear those heels? >> tumble! [ isabella ] hi, i'm isabella, and this is pasta night at our house. [ laughter ] what is it about spaghetti and meatballs? i mean, it's a fun night. and the whole dinner is from great value at walmart. and it's all for less than $2 a serving. i have a budget like anyone else. this is what i did with mi
Apr 9, 2010 6:30pm EDT
focused on childhood obesity in america. the first lady talks about being healthy, reading food labels, and answers to the questions. that is tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >> and now, today's daily state department briefing including topics on north korea and the six-party talks. we discussed the plane incident involving the qatari diplomat. this is about 40 minutes. including strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime, combating that threat of nuclear terrorism, and maintaining a safe nuclear deterrent. housetops like ratification of the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty signed by president obama and president medvedev, an upcoming nuclear security summit next week advance the goals. the secretary will stress the urgency of the challenge and the need for bipartisan resolved to meet it. in sedan, a special envoy continued his discussions with the government of southern sudan, in advance of sunday's national, state, and local elections. he is back in khartoum this evening where he has met with heads of the international observer missions and with president jimmy carter -- former
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